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    Send data from Linux-side to Arduino-side by Serial


      I'm finding a way to send data from Linux-side to Arduino-side by Serial. After some crazy day, I've found nothing in Google and Intel Community.


      I'm using Linux 3.8.7 Yocto Standard (iotdev-kit). Baudrate is all 9600.


      To send data from Linux-side to Arduino-side, I've tried to use

      echo "Hello Arduino" > /dev/ttyGS0


      Before that, I've set permission for /dev/ttyGS0

      chmod 777 /dev/ttyGS0


      In, "Hello Arduino" was displayed in Serial Monitor but I can't store it in char* variable to display it on LCD. I want to store it in a char* (or char array) variable.


      In another way, I've tried to this echo command to send data from Galileo to Arduino Nano, but data seem not to be sent because RX led on Arduino Nano didn't light up (but it started blinking when I reboot Galileo). I also tried to write data by Python but nothing happen.

      file = open("/dev/ttyGS0", "w")


      Thanks a lots for helping.


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