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    Powering Mini Breakout with 14.8V LiPo


      Hi, all


      Has anyone ever tried to power the Mini Breakout board via 7-15 VDC pin using a 14.8 V LiPo? I have one fully charged and I read 15.5 V from a multimeter. Theoretically, the board supports up to 15 V. Is there any chance that it does not blow up the board despite being over 15V?


      Thank you!

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          Hello luizfelipe15,


          I've powered the Mini-Breakout board through the 7-15V input using 12V. Notice that there are two inputs to power the Mini-Breakout board with 7-15VDC: the J21 header and the J17-P4 pin. Although your battery is closed to 15V when it is fully charged, I don't recommend you to power the Edison with it. There is a chance that it might damage the board. I'd rather use another power source with an output voltage between the safety limits, for example 12V.


          However, another option could be using a diode or two in series to the battery. The diodes will reduce the voltage to keep it below the 15V limit. For example, a silicon diode has a forward voltage usually of 0.7V. If you use two diodes in series to the battery, the two diodes will require 1.4V so you will get a voltage of 14.1V when the battery is fully charged. I haven't tested this way, and as I said above, I would rather use another power source, but you could give it a try.


          A third option would be using a zener diode to regulate the output voltage. Here you will find a brief description about how to use zener diodes as a voltage regulator: Basics: Introduction to Zener Diodes | Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories




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            Yeah, I agree with you, it might damage the board.


            Thank you for the suggestions!


            - Luiz