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    WHEA-Logger Event ID 19, Corrected Machine Check


      Found that this may be benign, according to WHEA Event ID 19 CPU-corrected hw error / i5 4690, but since the details differ sometimes I want to ask to be sure.


      Have a G3440 bought in spring which has apparently been given these warnings all along, though I only noticed it last week. Interestingly, they seem to pick up after Windows updates, as I see them get a burst after Patch Tuesday, lasting some 10 days. Last month I even had dozens per day during that time. Smaller bursts, averaging around 3 per day for a few days, after reboots due to installing/uninstalling/updating antivirus/firewall. Otherwise drops off to one every 1-2 days. But today I see 5 already, 3 within 2 hours this evening (did switch AV last night, been testing a few, so a few would be normal apparently, but this is a bit much already and day's not over).

      Interesting, the time they happen at seems to indicate checks every minute or every X minutes after a reboot, as the seconds in the timestamp are either all equal or vary by +/- 1 for all such events between two reboots, at least as far as I can tell.


      So the text is:


      A corrected hardware error has occurred.

      Reported by component: Processor Core

      Error Source: Corrected Machine Check

      Error Type: Internal parity error

      Processor ID: 0


      [NOTE: This is the most recent, Processor ID may be 2 as well. Never saw 1.]


      The MciStat for the large majority is the 0x90000040000f0005 mentioned in the thread I linked to. However, I also see a few instances of 0xd00000c0000f0005, 0xd0000100000f0005 or 0xd0000080000f0005.


      There have been no blue screens or system freezes (well, bar one caused by a software issue I had identified at the time) or automatic reboots or shutdowns. Also, CPU always at 100% (and SpeedStep disabled in BIOS, only thing left on is thermal throttling, though no need for that as it reports a max of 58C even during these hot summer days, cooler never hit 80% from what I saw) due to BOINC/SETI@home. For that reason, I'm also pretty sure there are no faulty calculations done either, as I haven't had a single computation error or actual invalid result over these months (was a falsely reported invalid due to 2 faulty GPUs reporting overflows and dismissing my result), and constantly running BOINC projects is probably as good a CPU test as any, and over a far longer amount of time than any dedicated testing. (Did notice one or two results reported as valid but with the other initial result being confirmed by the 3rd check, which happens if most parameters are identical but there's a small variation in up to a few. Quite a few cases where it was the other way around though, with my result being the confirmed one, and generally if this only happens occasionally it's considered normal either way.)


      So, basically, are those rare different MciStats indicative of an actual problem or they still fall under the known issue that's to be dismissed? Because I'm trying to calm myself down here after seeing that, but rather freaking out regardless...


      Oh, yes, should also note that I ran the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool and also 3 different RAM tests when I got the computer, mentioning this latter bit in case it may be a RAM issue reported as CPU issue due to the integrated memory controller. No issues reported.


      Edit: Checked how often each of those other stats appears. This is of the total of 225 instances so far:

      0xd0000080000f0005 = 20 times

      0xd00000c0000f0005 = 6 times

      0xd0000100000f0005 = 2 times


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