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    E5-2687w v3 - Exception Type 06 - Invalid Opcode Exception


      We are having an issue with all of our E5-2687w v3.  We currently have 11 HP DL360 gen9 in our datacenter.  Each with 2 E5-2687w v3.  They are booting from SAN, which is an EMC VNX5400.  They are connected via QLogic QLE2562 HBA.  Running Windows Server 2012R2.


      This error occurs when I have more than 30 LUNS added to a storage group and both host bus adapters plugged in.  If I unplug one of the HBA's then the server will complete POST.  I can then plug the other HBA in and the server runs normally.  However if it reboots, with both HBA's plugged in and more than 30 LUNS attached.  Then the 'red screen' error will be presented.  Interestingly if I have less than 30 LUNS in a storage group the server will also boot normally.  However, that is not a workaround as I have over 60 LUNS in production right now.


      All servers with this CPU will generate this error under the same circumstances noted above.

      Any ideas how to avoid this error or what it means would be appreciated.