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    intel core 2 quad Q8300 power equation




      I wanted to calculate heating value(Q) cpu Q8300 and I found formula about cpu power dissipation from intel cpu manual.



      (where, p=power, c=capacitance, v=voltage, f=frequency)


      formula is good but I had not capacitace value. (v and f values got from CPUID program.)


      Can I get capacitance value from intel official value?


      Actually I was calcuate c(capacitance) value already like this c=p/(v^2*f)


      p=95w(TDP), f=2.5GHz, v=1.3625 I insert this values at max values so I got (c=20.5*10^-9 F)

      제목 없음.png


      this calcuate is correct? I hope so but I think it is incorrect. that's why I am asking you guys!