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    NUC5i5RYH noisy CPU/GPU? (not the FAN)


      Can someone tell me if this is expected behavior from the NUC or if I need to return my unit for exchange?


      My NUC5i5RYH is located in a fairly quiet room. I have installed Windows 10 with all the latest drivers provided by Windows update. The machine has now been running for a little over a week without any major fault. The NUC runs 2 screens, 1 is a 4k@60hz via mDP, the other is 1680*1050@60Hz.


      I have been installing over the past week a few more apps on the machine, some of which are a little more demanding from a CPU/GPU point of view. I have noticed that when running an app such as Flipboard on the 4k screen (and only on the 4k screen) if I "flip" through a full page (such as the cover/landing page) the NUC will make a high pitched noise only during that period of higher demand. I am very certain that the supply power is not at fault as I have placed at full cable length away from the NUC. This issue is also present when I scroll through folder of pictures on my hard drive.


      I have recorded and posted below a video where I have recorded this noise. YOu can hear it twice as I scroll (off screen) between flipboard pages. And no, there aren't any speakers connected to the NUC.