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    NUC5CPYH input power


      Hi everyone,

      I've got my first NUC today. It's a 5CPYH celeron based NUC.

      From what I understand, it can work with 12-19V power sources, but the brick that came with it is a 19V 65W one. I intend to use the NUC as a telescope controller in the field as well as the main imaging device, since from what I've seen, it's power consumption should be lower than my laptop (laptop gets to around 2.5Ah without significant load).

      My main powersource is a 12V car 55Ah battery. It gives me 12.5-13.1V over the entire night and I wonder if I can connect the NUC directly to it. If it works on 12V then I should be OK, right?