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    Intel 4400 Graphics Won't Detect 3rd Monitor on DVI


      Based on another thread I was reading this appears to be a common annoyance. About 4 months ago I built a new system with an ASUS B85 Vanguard motherboard and Intel I3 processor at its core. Originally I was just using an old Lenovo monitor I had, on VGA cable. A few weeks after that I installed a BenQ GW2255 monitor using a DP to VGA adapter to connect to the motherboard's DP port. No problems at all, and I've been using both monitors ever since.


      Today I bought another BenQ GW2255 monitor to use as my 3rd screen, utilizing a new DVI cable, and I was expecting an easy install. Unfortunately the Intel driver refused to detect it.


      Now if I uninstall the Intel Graphics driver the default Windows driver is able to use both the BenQ monitors, but not all three. And if I reinstall the Intel driver it picks it up perfectly. I can configure and use all three monitors as long as I don't power down the computer or let it sleep. If I do then the new monitor may blip the Windows logo briefly on startup, but then it turns off with a "No Signal" error. Tried getting Windows to auto-update the Intel driver but the same thing just happens again.


      Now from reading the thread below, I found that if I disable/enable the driver in Device Manager it will restore functionality, but again only until the computer is restarted. It's a workaround but not one I want to live with for a few years.

      Official Black-screen thread - We need your help!


      Has there been any progress on these types of errors? I'm running Windows 8.1 64-bit with driver version at the moment.