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    Overclocking the intel i5-4690K


      Hello everyone!

      I recently upgraded my motherboard and CPU, with an CM evo 212 cooler. The motherboard is an ASUS z97-E.


      Everything is running stable and smooth with decent load temps (60-65 C with prime95 small FFT) without any overclock (only XMP on).


      However when i try to overclock the system it gets very unstable. I've tried both with autotuning in BIOS and ai suite, and manual clocking with small babysteps.

      I have only upped the multiplier from 39 to 41, (even with increased voltage to 1.25V) but as I start prime95 it crashes. It gets to run maybe a minute or two, and the temps are fine. (reading temps with HWMonitor)

      If I up in even more I dont come into windows.


      I have taken off the cooler and reapplied thermal paste, and also swapped out the RAM but nothing helps..

      Have also turned off turbo mode in BIOS to check if that helped but it didnt.


      The PSU is an EVGA Supernova 750W G2 and I dont think its anything wrong with it.


      I have tried contacting ASUS support about this but they just say its out of their support lines.


      Anything you guys can help me with? I was thinking maybe I have gotten a bad CPU but i dont know..


      Thanks for the help in advance!

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          The processor is an unlocked processor and you have the option to overclock it. When overclocking, there are many settings you have to change  (if manually) to make it work but that procedure is not under the warranty or support from our side.


          Perhaps other customers with overclocking experience can share more details with you.


          Kevin m