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    Intel NUC and Windows Home Server 2011


      I bought Intel NUC D34010WYKH and tried to install Windows Home Server 2011. But the installation stopped when some devices were missing:


      Other Devices

      Ethernet Controller

      PCI Simple Communications Controller

      SM Bus Controller

      Universal Serial BUS (USB) Controller

      Unknown device


      Now I can't yet install anything but first I need the controllers.  Home Server 2011 is based on Windows Server 2008 and sure there should be controllers for it.


      Best regards

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          Thank you for your reply


          Unfortinately I can't run the exe-file in NUC because the installation is not finished. Are the any drivers that I could use as they are.


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            run the eye files on another machine, or download the drivers as zip archives and expand them (also on another PC).

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              Then put the extracted folders full of drivers onto something like a removable USB drive, or burned onto a CD or DVD.  That way the install will be able to find them and continue. 


              I don't know what hardware setup you've got there, but if there's trouble getting USB or optical disks to work then use another hard drive.  That or pull that drive and use another PC to put the extracted drivers into a new directory on that disk.  This way they drivers would already be on the disk when you put it back into the machine and ran the installer.  You'd have to avoid reformatting the drive, of course.  Thus using a second drive, or a separate small partition, is sometimes less work.

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                Sorry but if I download the driver from Donwnload Center and run the exe file, it always tries to install the drivers to the computer I use. This happens also if I run it on an USB stick.  Is there some place where I could download the exe file that allows to say where to put the drivers.

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                  Please check the link related with Intel® NUC Supported Operating Systems,  http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-034034.htm

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                    Thanks Rigardo


                    Unfortunately that link takes to a universe of downloads. I need Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7 drivers. Why do you always suggest me driver installation programs (exe) which I can't run because the server installation is not finished. Please tell me where I can just the drivers, not the driver installations.

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                      The latest drivers available for Microsoft® Windows 7 are in the link below: Please remember to sort by Microsoft® Windows 7 and select date (newest)

                      Intel® Download Center


                      Mike C

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                        Thanks Mike


                        But how I could explain you that I can't install anything in NUC because the server installation is not finished. If I use your advice, the installation goes always to the computer I use. I don't need the installation drivers I need only the drivers.

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                          I am not from Intel and I have not tried installing WHS2011 on NUC, but I will try to give another answer to you.

                          First, I think that some answers are trying to say that WHS2011 is NOT a supported operating system for the NUC - it is not anywhere on the lists where you are pointed to.  So that is the short answer - you are on your own.

                          Second, I am not familiar with how the installation is "not finished" due to those drivers, but of course you do need Ethernet.  Since the Ethernet controller in the NUC is i218-V, I would try going to Intel Download Center and select Ethernet Components then Ethernet Controllers then i218-V.  Then choose Windows 7 64-bit because you thought that might be close enough.  If you then select a network driver such as the latest 20.2 of course you choose 64-bit but if you read the Detailed Description it says see readme.htm if you want to extract the files without installing.  That is what you want.  From there you are on your own - you would hopefully figure out what WHS2011 is looking for and place such folder of files onto some media which WHS2011 can access, then hope that it works.  Usually you get by ignoring the others - you end up with more generic stuff like basic vga driver but that is what happens when you mix unsupported hardware/OS (unsupported can mean different things - certainly it means that the companies won't help you but sometimes you can make it work on your own or it could mean it just won't work right sooner or later).

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                            The link posted leads to zip files containing the drivers.  Download the desired drivers and extract them.  You'll have to use another computer to do this, of course.  Zip files can be extracted on Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.  Then once you've got the files extracted you'll have to put them onto media that the installer can read.  This may be a USB thumb drive or it may require an optical disc (CD or DVD).  And optical disc would, of course, require that an optical drive was attached to the NUC prior to the installation.


                            I can't say for certain whether or not a USB drive would be accessible during the install.  It would depend on whether or not the install had drivers already on it that would support the necessary USB chipset that's present in the NUC.


                            If you don't have an optical drive then your only other option would be to use another PC and connect the NUC's drive to it.  This would mean removing the drive from the NUC and connecting it to the other computer using an appropriate adapter.  SATA-to-USB adapters are relatively inexpensive, as are ones that support mSATA.  Once you have that drive connected to the PC you'd create a folder on it and put the contents of the zip files into their own folders within it.  Then, once you have it back in the NUC you'd be able to get to them inside that folder.  Obviously you'd want to avoid reformatting the drive during the install process, otherwise you'd lose the files.


                            This is pretty much the same process you'd use on any kind of motherboard that has chipsets or boards that the install media doesn't support.  This is not unique to the NUC.

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                              Sorry but I've bee busy


                              I try now to explain the situation more clear. The Windows Home Server 2011 (WHS) stops to a place with an announcement "Errors occured during installation" and I click "Install network drive", Then I have page like this, but this is not from NUC but from my Windows Server (WS):

                              device manager.png


                              In the WS there of course are Network adapters, but in WHS they are missing. When I doubleclik the missing adapter I get the following view:


                              Then I click "Update Driver" and I get:


                              I have unzipped files for Win7 to Win Server 2012 and they look like this:





                              The files are on a USB stick and I clikc "Browse my computer for driver software. Nothing i found, the files are not suitable.


                              Intel NUC was not a very cheap computer and I'm sad if all the moneys is lost.


                              Best regards


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                                If you're going to install something onto unsupported hardware you're going to have to learn how to do it.  This isn't point-and-click.





                                Which EXE file you should use depends on your OS being 32 or 64 bit.  I don't know which WHS uses.  I'd start with the Windows 7 drivers as that's a descendant of the 2008 software.


                                Once you have downloaded the appropriate exe file you can use WinRAR (or other extraction programs like 7zip) to extract the contents of the EXE into a folder.  Inside that folder you'll find the various driver files.  Put the extracted files onto a USB drive, or onto the same drive being used to do the installation.  That should allow you to select the files during the installation.

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                                  Thanks for your patience


                                  I'm afraid that there must be some misunderstanding (probably mine). If I go to he page


                                  and load there PROWin7_64_20.2.exe, it's not a zipped file but just a program that tries to install the drivers.


                                  WHS is a 64 bit system. I have here in my workplace one home computer where I can test the files.

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                                    How I ended up getting around this was to put a USB to Ethernet adapter to finish the install and then installing the correct driver once the system was up and running.