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    command line arguments for SSD Toolbox


      i am using the intel G2 SSD in a headless machine (no monitor, keyboard mouse)  I have been anxiouly awaiting the manual trim utility to allow us to meet requirements for data logging system.  Unfortunately, I do not see an easy way to automate the trim utility at each startup.  If the utiltity accepts command line arguments, they ar enot documented anywhere.  The uility require mouse click (key strokes are not accepeted)


      Also, on Windows XPembedded, the scheduler does not seem to work.  When I configure a scheduled item, and try to add to the list, nothing happens...it does not get added to the list.


      A simple command line option to trim all drives would solve this problem.




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          The command line option is:


          "C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel® Solid-State Drive Toolbox\Intel SSD Toolbox.exe" -t C CVP.......BGN


          Note the 'C' following the '-t' argument. That's your drive letter. Usually C but adjust as needed.

          The code 'CVP....BGN' is the serial number of my drive. Substitute with your own serial number. You can find your serial number with CrystalDiskMark or HDTune. Repeat the command for other drives, adhusting the drive letter & drive serial number. Since I have only one drive, I'm not sure if you can trim all drives with a single command. I think you need to run this command with Administrator permission.


          By the way, you can also create a schedule from the Intel Toolbox and view the properties of this schedule from Windows. Copy the link and paste it onto your desktop. Call it 'Intel TRIM' or whatever you like. Delete the scheduled job because you won't be using it. If you cannot create a schedule from the Toolbox, try creating one manually & copy the above command into it. Also needs Administrator permission, I guess.


          I all else fails, find one of those tools to run a command as a service. This should work because Trim doesn't interfere with normal operation. Well it slows down a little but it runs only for a few seconds.

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            Thanks!  that looks promising!


            One question...Is the SN of the drive required?  We have dozens of systems and each system may have a dozen drives that could be used at any given time.  Therefore, we will not easily know tha SN.  I guess we can determine the SN programatically using SMART functions, but just wanted to check if SN in command line is hard requirement for command line argumant.


            Thanks for the quick response.



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              I really don't know, since I only have one drive. I tried to schedule 'All drives' from the Toolbox and it still created a one-line command with the only Intel SSD it found on the controller. So I assume that (a) it repeats the command for every drive, substituting the drive letter & the serial; and (b) it really appears to need the serial number.


              What you need is a parameter similar to -t * but only Intel can tell if that is possible.