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    Problems with "echo freeze > /sys/power/state" ("PM: Some devices failed to suspend")



      When I try to do a "echo freeze > /sys/power/state", I get this output:


      root@klang_vector1:/# echo freeze > /sys/power/state

      [  179.212274] pci_pm_suspend(): sdhci_pci_suspend+0x0/0xc0 returns -16

      [  179.212293] dpm_run_callback(): pci_pm_suspend+0x0/0x1b0 returns -16

      [  179.212307] PM: Device 0000:00:01.3 failed to suspend async: error -16

      [  179.233645] PM: Some devices failed to suspend

      -sh: echo: write error: Device or resource busy


      Can somebody imagine, whats the problem with that?

      I need the free mode for low power consumption.


      With "echo mem > /sys/power/state" I only come down to ~40mA. And that's too

      much for battery purposes...