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    starting up heart pulse sensor with intel edsion using SparkFun ADC




      I want to use pulse sensor with intel edison using sparkfun Adc block, to get raw data from sensor here https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/sparkfun-blocks-for-intel-edison---adclearn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/sparkfun-blocks-for-intel-edison---adc


      so now they give c++ library for Sparkfun Adc block https://github.com/sparkfun/SparkFun_ADC_Block_for_Edison_CPP_Librarygithub.com/sparkfun/SparkFun_ADC_Block_for_Edison_CPP_Library


      so now help me, how to configure that library to get most accurate raw data from pulse sensor (like Arduino give)?

      Read more: http://pulsesensor.proboards.com/user/598/recent#ixzz3h4Ou4y00