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    Intel NUC D54250: "No signal" after switching monitor back on


      I bought an Intel NUC D54250WYKH3 seven months ago and I have been having problems if I switch the monitor off when I am not working and switching it back on some time later.


      The monitor will show 'No signal' and I have to wait a random length of time, possibly hours, for the monitor to display the screen contents.


      I have upgraded the BIOS several times and I am currently at WY0040.BIO, but the problem still remains.


      I am running Debian 7.7 and the situation can be significantly improved if I activate the screen saver before I switch the monitor off, so much so that I now stand a better than 50% chance of the monitor working when I switch it back on.


      I am using the mini Display Port (DP) port on the NUC connected to the DP port on the monitor. I believe that it is the NUC at fault as connecting a Raspberry Pi/Raspbian to the HDMI port or a dual boot Windows 7/Linux to the DVI port all display the screen contents properly when I switch the monitor back on.


      I would really like to make the connection 100% reliable because as it stands I cannot make the NUC my main PC.


      I would be grateful if anybody has solved this problem. If not, is there any information that I can provide to help narrow down where the problem lies?