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    VGA signal from 'hd graphics' on tv


      I have been using a clunky but unmolested old dell gx620 as a behind-the-tv method to offer wider services - internet, you tube etc - without springing for a new tv. It connected via VGA; all good, convenient but it runs xp so I'm feeling the draught a bit. An OS upgrade seems good, so I decided to upgrade hardware at the same time and retire the 620. Its' graphics output is from the onboard source, not a card.


      I swapped to an HP 260 G1 mini, tiny thing so very convenient and also upgrades everything at once including going from XP to 8.1. I only need trivial services; I'm not going to be doing games and it is inexpensive from ebuyer.http://www.ebuyer.com/702840-hp-260-g1-desktop-mini-pc-k8l27ea-abuIt has Celeron 2957U, 32gb ssd, 8.1 and 'HD4000' graphics. It even comes with keyboard and mouse.


      Regrettably the new machine doesn't show a picture on the old tv (philips 32PF9731D/10) via vga even though I'm using the same cable into the same port on the same screen that works fine with the dell. The only difference from the tv's perspective is the signal into its' vga port.


      I wonder if I'm falling over the HD graphics feature in the hp machine.


      VGA graphics present just as well as you'd expect on a regular dedicated monitor (dell u2412m) but do not present on the tv. On the monitor, I'm really happy with the hp; fast enough, capable enough, does it all. On the tv; blue screen regardless. There's no adjustment to the input sensitivities on the tv and I've no idea what I should do to reset VGA on the hp or if that's even possible.


      Anyone spotted what I'm doing wrong here or have a suggestion..?





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          I should say that I want to use vga here even though there are hdmi inputs to the tv available; they're used for satellite, dvr, etc and i can't be asked to faff about swapping back and forth or switch those on and off to move to pc. I didn't have to do that using the available vga input, so I want to stay with that.



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            Hello gwilso26;

                            Just to ensure your question is related on connecting a HP 260 G1 with an Intel HD Graphics ('HD4000').  But you are trying to connect the system via VGA to TV.  And only getting a blue screen.  But an normal monitor it works fine. 

            First let me ask to ensure we are on the same channel.  Are you connecting the computer directly to the TV Set via a VGA to VGA cord or what type of connection.

            Also you mentioned that the TV Set also has HDMI ports and are been use by other devices.  With this I will first recommend to check with the manufacturer of the TV Set to see if the VGA port might be disable or problems when any of the other input ports are been use.  Also to verify the Resolution the VGA port on the TV Set is able to handle as Max and Min.

            This is because to save Hardware the manufacturer of TV Set will share the same communication port for two or more devices.  Also if the VGA ports uses an exact resolution this will be need to be configure on the display properties of the graphics.

            Last but no least I will recommend to check with HP to see if they have encounter any problems with VGA connection.



            Henry A.