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    Intel Edison not found



      we have a problem with our new Intel Edison. We are using it in combination with the Sparkfun "base"-block. When I first connected it to my computer, everything showed up correctly, the volume "Edison" was visible in the Windows exlorer. I installed the drivers with the Windows installer (https://software.intel.com/de-de/iot/hardware/edison/downloads) and it said, my Edison is now set up correctly. But in the exact same moment, Windows showed a dialog that said, that there is an unknown USB device connected and the volume "Edison" was not visible in the explorer anymore. Now, if I connect the Edison, it is still not visible in the explorer and the device manager only shows the unknown device "Merrifield" (marked with a yellow warning symbol). Even the installer mentioned above tells me to connect the Edison before continueing despite the fact that it IS connected with both USB-cables to my computer?


      What can I do to be able to use the Edison? I am not even able to delete the firmware, because I have no access to the volume


      I hope, you can help me.