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    Tried to stop blinking Arduino sketch, but can't seem to do it




      I just started exploring my Intel Edison, and followed some basic instructions to upload the basic blinking sketch via the Arduino IDE.


      After that, I wanted to stop it from blinking.

      I've tried the following:
      Deleting all the sketches in /sketch, and now /sketch is empty.

      root@edison:~# ls /sketch/



      Masking the clloader service, then rebooting the Intel Edison.

      root@edison:~# systemctl status clloader

      ● clloader.service

         Loaded: masked (/dev/null)

         Active: inactive (dead)


      Somehow, the LED is still blinking after I reboot the Intel Edison!


      How does it blink the led without the sketch, and without the sketch loader? How do I stop it?


      My version seems to be:

      root@edison:~# configure_edison --version