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    hdmi problem...help please


      i used to connect my sony vaio windows 8.1 to my tv with HDMI cable and it was working pretty good

      but suddenly the screen went fuzzy..blury..and just grey and i cant fix that

      i tried my laptop on another tv ... but i had the same problem and i have tried another HDMI cable but also the same problem

      i have tried to re install the graphics drive but the same

      anyone can help me please ????

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          Take a photo of what you see on the screen, then take a screenshot on your laptop with the PrtSc button. Attach both here. This may help someone identify the problem you're having.

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            Hello yamensi94;

                            I am sorry for the problem at hand.  Because the HDMI is controlled by the video card, I will recommend to get in contact with Sony so they can provide you with the best options, because the problem could be related to drivers, which you could remove and install latest drivers from the sony web site.  Or could also be related to the HDMI port been damage.

            Please verify with Sony for best options.



            Henry A.