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    Intel Edison Missing as a Device


      My Intel Edison is no longer showing up as a Device on my computer (Mac). I am working with the Arduino Breakout, and have 2 USBs plugged into my computer exactly like I had been working with previously when my Intel Edison was appearing as a Device. I'm not entirely sure how to troubleshoot this problem. Any thoughts?

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          I am seeing a wifi network appearing as 'EDISON-EA-F5'. I was experimenting with using the Edison as a hotspot before this problem started occurring. Could this be related to my issue?

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            Hello AllieF,


            I doubt your issue is caused by the hotspot mode of your Edison. In fact I just tested it and I haven't experienced this behavior. But just to be sure, what exactly did you enable/disable on you board?

            Now, let's check a couple of things. Is the switch of your Arduino expansion board on host or client position? Is it pointing the full USB port or the two micro USB ports?

            If it is in client mode (pointing the two micro USB ports), then I'd suggest you to reflash your board. You can use the Flash Tool Lite. You will find it and a guide on how to use it in IoT - Intel® Edison Board Download | Intel® Developer Zone



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              Hi Peter, thanks for your reply. To be honest, it was several months ago and I don't know exactly what I enabled/disabled. The switch is pointing to the two micro USB ports, and the device is not showing up. I would reflash my board, but since the computer can't detect the board I have no way of doing this.