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    Surface Pro 3 HD 4400 I5 processor not producing 3840x2160@60Hz with displayport


      This problem is similar to the one reported for the HD 5000 and the I7 in that it can only display 2560x1440@60Hz using the displayport and the default MS drivers or the Sasmsung drivers.  It appears to be specific to the Samsung UHD monitor U28D590D. The monitor and cable produced 3840x2160@60Hz using an AMD R9 280 video card on a Windows 7 system. The cable manufacturer tested some of their cables using a Surface Pro 3 and Panasonic monitor. They were successful in producing 3840x2160@60Hz. The Intel Info page reports that the monitor is capable of 3840x2160@60Hz. When trying to add that resolution to the Intel HD graphics control panel it reports that it does not have enough bandwidth. A displayport resolution of 3840x2160@30Hz was successfully added. A replacement Surface Pro 3 was dispatched by Microsoft and it suffers the same problem as the original. At least using the Intel drivers can produce the right resolution! Any thought on why the bandwidth issue is popping up?


      As an update, the Intel Info page reports that the chipset (assumption) is capable of supporting up to 60Hz. The maximum refresh rate supported that we achieved was 3840x2160@50Hz using the CVT-RB timing standard . Power settings when plugged in set to Maximum performance. A rate of 55Hz was attempted but it produced a maximum bandwidth error!


      If someone can find the detailed specifications of the HD controller we may be able to get to the bottom of this. At 24 bits/pixel the clock rate has to be greater, because of overhead, than 3840x2160x60x24/4 = 3Gbits/sec per each of the 4 displayport channels.