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    I need help with my Intel GMA 3150! Read this please!


      Hi Intel Forums...

      I just found 3 strange things in my graphics card which is Intel GMA 3150,

      1.OpenGL version seems to be incorrect in my comp

      Yesterday i just wondered on how to find out my OpenGL version coz my app seems to be incompatible with it

      So i opened an app called "GPU Caps Viewer" and found out the my OpenGL version is 1.1

      Which is strange, I just found out that this graphics card supports 1.4  - 1.5 and even 2.0! which is not in my comp

      I already installed the latest drivers and used the driver detector but no hope

      So can you please give me the correct driver? i need that OpenGL 1.4 thingy

      2.I cant access some options

      So all what i did was goofing around with the options, disabling/enabling some hoping for a performance increase

      so i came here into this "Power Settings" and click "Modify Settings"

      snaggy - paste images! then this appeared (most options are grayed out)

      Why i cant activate/deactivate most of the options here? is there something wrong with this thing?

      3.Whats this "vbios.zip"?

      After downloading the zip file need to update the driver but then i saw this thing? (the highlighted one) snaggy - paste images!

      What does this have to do with the Setup?

      Thats it thanks for reading

      any reply is highly appreciated