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    Which book to learn how the Southrbridge (Platform) Chipset and the OS Work Together

    Victor Mehta

      As the subject states can anyone share which book explains how the OS and the Southbridge chipset (now called Platform Controller Hub) internally work together ? I would like to learn how the Southbridge (Platform Controller Hub) handles all the low level details between the OS and user/driver mode applications. The same for the OS uses the Southbridge (Platform Controller Hub) to communicate i with the hardware. Please correct me if I'm mistaken but does the Southbridge chipset now called Platform Controller Hub keeps a table (in cache memory) of where the addresses of all OS and user/driver mode apps code are located. I want to know more about the internals of the chipset. If there is no book er rthen could someone suggest another reestzsource such as the datasheet for the Intel chipset in the latest chipset.