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    Core 2 Duo E8400 and Windows 10


      Is the core 2 duo e8400 processor compatible with Windows 10?


      The wizard the MS download onto a workstation indicates it is not compatible. I am presently run 8.1 64bit perfectly.

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          Cesar Badilla



          In this particular situation, I would recommend to confirm with the computer manufacturer if it is compatible with Windows* 10.


          In regards to your processor, please check the following website:Processors — Intel® Processor Support for Windows® 10


          According to Microsoft, all Intel® Processors from 1 Gigahertz and faster will support Microsoft Windows® 10.


          However, compatibility with Windows* 10 is not only determined by the Processor itself. There are other components to take into consideration, like the system BIOS, Graphics, Network Cards, etc.


          Get Windows*10 is an application designed by Microsoft that will check to tell you if your system, including the Intel® Processor, is compatible with Windows*10. You may visit this website for further information: Microsoft Windows 10 Q&A



          Caesar B.