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    Question about ProSet Wireless Connection Utility


      I just installed the latest PROSet Wireless WiFi Connection Utility on XP Pro.  I noticed that when you create a wireless profile, that profile is only for your current user, so if you have multiple users on a computer, then you have to create the same profile for each user.  And then if you have to change a profile, you'd have to change each user's profile.


      Then I found out the utility has an "Administrator Profile" feature, which gets created for the entire computer (and then only Administrators can edit it).  That's exactly what I want, so I loaded the Administrator Tool, and then created a Persistent Administrator Profile.  I noticed that the File Menu in the Administrator Tool has a "Apply to this computer" option, so I did that.  I didn't bother to Save the Package, because I only need to do this for one computer, I don't need to export the profile to another computer.


      So now when I click on the Profiles button in the ProSet Wireless utility, I can see the Persistent Administrator Profile at the top of the list, and it is highlighted in gray.  But when I click on it, the Connect, Remove, and Properties buttons are all disabled.  (The Connect, Remove, and Properties buttons for my normal profile are not disabled.)  That is strange, why can't I edit my Administrator Profile or try to connect to it?  Is this a bug?


      Then I logged out of my Administrator account, and logged into a limited user account, opened the ProSet Wireless utility, and clicked the Profiles button.  I did not see the Persistent Administrator Profile that I had created.  I thought Administrator Profiles are supposed to be for all users on the computer?  Is this another bug, or did I not set it up correctly?