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    Intel Edison - Arduino Sketchs stop working after a reboot - Persistent sketchs


      I recently updated all my edisons to the latest available firmware (Release 2.1) using the flash tool. This was relatively a painless process and I think everything seems to be working as it supposed to, except Arduino sketchs. Every time I reboot the edison the sketchs stop running. On my other development boards such as the  Arduino Uno, Due and Intel Galileo gen 1&2 a blinking light will continues to blink after reboots. Basically, is this by design or a glitch in the new Yocto Linux dist?  Has anyone encountered this problem?


      As far as I can tell, the size of the sketch.elf file is not Zero and "clloader" is running. Linux is not my strong suit.


      Assistance on this matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.