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    Upgrade to i7 3770k downgraded my video!


      I had a Celeron G530 in my Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H, I was running my monitor (ROG Swift) at 2560x1440, 85Hz.

      I "upgraded" to a Core i7 3770K. Now I can't set it above 60Hz (also, the new control panel has WAY less options than the old one for me).


      I am using driver version, which is the one from the Gigabyte site (which I installed to try and get rid of a truly annoying screen flicker - which persists - I will post about this elsewhere), but it is the same with the very latest drivers from Intel.


      If I try to create a custom resolution, it tells me that I have exceeded my maximum bandwidth, which must be rubbish - I am connected via DisplayPort.


      What on Earth is going on?


      ;o) Cor