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    G3258 and Windows 10 Problem


      There seems to be a major problem with the G3258 20th Anniversary Edition and Windows 10. In later Technical Preview builds, INCLUDING 10240 which is the RTM version, overclocking is only permitted on ONE CORE.


      Specifically you can run:


      1) BOTH cores at 3.2GHz 'stock' speed- this is my current 'workaround'.

      2) Any attempt to overclock- however minimally (say 100MHz) on BOTH CORES results in a 'death loop' ("Preparing Automatic Repair" ad nauseam).

      3) It is possible to overclock BUT ONLY ON ONE CORE.


      Needless to say this is a board sent to market by Intel as something of a (very successful?) PR effort for the Pentium chip's 20th Anniversary and is highly regarded by the enthusiast/gaming community. For them to suddenly find their G3258s won't overclock anymore (and their PCs won't work) after July 29th isn't going to make them very happy. Fingers of blame will start to be pointed. Some manufacturers are aware of the issue (ASRock: KB3064209 breaks the G3258 - ASRock Forums), and I've tried to get ASUS to take a look for my H81M-PLUS motherboard.


      Microsoft has been made aware of the issue: Win 10 G3258 issue, microcode? - Microsoft Community and there are links to others flagging it in ISisparavanje's post # 2 on the first page there.


      I'm not sure this has been sufficiently escalated before Windows 10 officially launches or how to get (more of) Microsoft's attention. Since it relates to an Intel product perhaps Intel has more 'clout' and can flag this to Microsoft better than the community?


      Any help appreciated.

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