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    Inter HD Graphics Control Panel Forgetting Monitor Settings


      I am using the Intel Graphics Control Panel that comes with  I have an HD4600 on my Laptop running Win 8.1 64 bit. I have an external monitor connect via HDMI and use that as my ONLY monitor.


      I usually put my laptop to sleep, rather and shutting it down, by closing the screen.  When I wake it up by opening the screen. it will change my single monitor setting to extended monitor at least 50% of the time and I have open the control panel to set it back.


      I cannot not seem to get profiles to work correctly.  If I apply all my settings including the single monitor and save it to a profile a profile is created.  When I have the issue, the settings will always say Current Settings.  How do I get it to always use the profile that I created?  Also, if I wake of the laptop and have the issue and attempt to choose the profile that I saved, the screen will go so dark that I cannot see much of anything. 


      Why does my settings change to extended monitor at wake up?

      Why doesn't my profile seem to work?


      Separate question:  will there be a new drive and control panel with win 10?