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    Flash Intel IoT Edison with custom image




      I am working on intel edison board. I am trying to connect 3G dongle (huawei) to the board and make it work. For that I need usb-modeswitch package which I can get by adding this as


      IMAGE_INSTALL_append += " usb-modeswitch"


      in edison-image.bb . I followed the guide lines as per edisonbsp_ug and compiled the image successfully.


      But I was not able to flash it on to the board. For flashing i have followed the guidelines


      Intel® Edison Boards — Flashing Intel® Edison (wired) - Linux*


      I have tried both "reboot ota" and ./flashall.sh

      I have attached the boot log here.


      I am expecting the existing file system to be completely removed and that 3rd party packages that I have installed to come up when booting is done. But I always see the same old file system and the old u-boot & kernel gets loaded on boot time. Because the time stamps say that they have compiled last year but not the ones I have compiled (like: microkernel built 23:15:13 Apr 24 2014 and for u-boot: U-Boot 2014.04 (Aug 20 2014 - 16:08:32))


      Please guide me how do I flash the edison board with the new images I have compiled