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    MAME on Edison with adafruit2.8 TFT



      Following on from the DOOM on Edison with adafruit2.8 TFT project I was playing with I have oddly become hooked on classic arcade games, oh the memories


      I had a go at getting AdvanceMAME up and running (optimized for the Edison architecture) and have to say was really surprised with its performance.


      The Edison most definitely holds it own against other platforms and although there's no 2d/3d acceleration to be seen (hint to Intel, I know its in there somewhere) it's really impressive

      at handling most of these games!


      There is little or no screen tearing, sound is OK in most games, input lag is barely noticeable and I can utilize both cores of the Atom (~40-60% utilization)


      Pretty amazing stuff from a dual core 500MHz platform!


      Fair play to AdvanceMAME/MAME/SDL crew etc etc for making my life a little easier




      Some video below to tease those fond memories back (for those who care to remember!)







      And last but not least credit to the Intel guys for getting round to improving the SPI code!







      PS any time frame available for enabling the GPU and handing out the GPU kernel driver, OpenGLES libs and DDX user space code ???