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    Does Turbo Boost void warranty? i7 4790K


      I had high CPU temperature issues last few days. I tought it was virus on PC so I did fresh install Windows 8.1.

      But it didn't fixed problems so I did som researching and I found that Turbo Boost might be turned on.

      So I went in ASUS BIOS then found that Turbo Boost was indeed turned on.

      So I suspect that mixture of high ambient temperature and Turbo Boost is causing my problems with CPU. (It is middle of summer in Croatia so it is very hot outside)

      So question is: Does Turbo Boost void warranty?

      I think Turbo Boost was enabled by ASUS BIOS running its default settings.

      Problem was temporaly fixed by turning Turbo Boost off. CPU runs cooler but maybe not cool enough. (at 100% CPU load temperature was about 95°C, now at 100% load  is about 83°C)

      Do I need aftermarket cooler? I still have stock cooler from CPU.

      Sorry for grammar, I'm not good at english.