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    Understanding the default edison partition table


      I am trying to create a custom O.S. for the edison and I fail to understand a few concepts regarding the default partition table which looks like this:


      Part    Start LBA       End LBA         Name

        1     0x00000800      0x000017ff      "u-boot0"

        2     0x00001800      0x00001fff      "u-boot-env0"

        3     0x00002000      0x00002fff      "u-boot1"

        4     0x00003000      0x000037ff      "u-boot-env1"

        5     0x00003800      0x00003fff      "factory"

        6     0x00004000      0x0000ffff      "panic"

        7     0x00010000      0x0001ffff      "boot"

        8     0x00020000      0x0009ffff      "root"


      First of all, I can guess what the u-boot partitions do, but can someone give me a formal explanation for each of them? i.e. What are they used for and when.

      Second of all I do not fully understand the factory and panic partition, can someone answer the same question as above for these two partitions. Now because I want to especially delete panic and factory from my partition table can someone also explain what kind of "consequences" will I encounter inside my O.S. after deleting them?