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    can i get higher then 60hz from my Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600? i cant seem to get over 60hz


      Hi im currently using my MSI GP70 2PF Leopard Pro, it has two graphic cards:  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M and  Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600.



      i Bought this external screen Acer 24" Predator GN246HLBbid 144Hz Gaming, screen.

      now im trying to get it to show in 144hz.



      The screen has got HDMI, DVI and VGA.

      No displayPort,



      Is it possible for me to get any higher then 60hz? i cant seem to get it to work.



      The CPU's HDMI and VGA input goes straight to Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600.


      From Intel


      When using DVI:

      Intel HD Graphics 4600 Does not support Dual DVI natively (however DP to Dual DVI Active Dongle might work- but not supported ) and Max Pixel Clock is supported  on Single Channel DVI is 165Mhz.



      So max on DVI at 1920 x 1080 is 60p Hz.


      HDMI :

      Intel HD Graphics 4600 Max Pixel Clock supported  on HDMI is 300Mhz. So max on HDMI  at 1920 x 1080  is 60p, 85p,100p, 120pHz.


      Note : 1920 x 1080 (144p Hz) is not supported on HDMI as it Exceeds the max Pixel Clock supported by our Intel HW ( 300Mhz)


      Driver will enable and support 300Mhz based on HDMI Panel’s (HDMI Registration ID supplied by panel )





      I am using the HDMI but stil cant get higher then 60hz!

      Please help me



      kind regards

      Victor Toresson