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    Purchased Intel® Core™ i7-3940XM QS, how do I tell its a QS or ES?


      I bought the this specific processor back in 2014 Q4 from eBay retailer elec_home because no retailers in my country would sell me it, it was marked as QS.

      But first now I learn what EQ, QS and ES means and turns out I got the Engineering Sample or a Qualification Sample but I am not sure:

      Intel Processor Indentification Utility screenshot 23072015.jpgCPU-Z Screenshot 23072015.jpg

      I am not sure what to do its been over 260 days since I purchased it, I feel like a real imbecile, I always been careful when buying on the internet often spending hours researching to find the best deals, looks like this tiny detail came to bite me in the a** real good.

      I asked a a couple of people on different forums and many tells me ES/QS are not supposed to be sold and according to Information About Intel Engineering/Qualification Sample Processors these processors are only loaned so I did contact the seller and he ensures me its a QS and not an ES because an ES would apparently not display its name in the CPU-Z software, I have no idea whether this is true or not.

      I got all receipts stored for the purchase even original shipping box, so far I have not had much of an issue with the ES or QS sample at least not that I know of.

      As far as performance goes it scores a 78 points difference compared to the results on PassMark: PassMark - Intel Core i7-3940XM @ 3.00GHz - Price performance comparison

      PerformanceTest 8.0 - CPU Benchmark 23.07.2015.jpg

      When I first ran it, it had something like 500 points difference, maybe it was cold and just needed a bit of warm-up, or its a sign of instability, but it functions fine, the temperatures are good, 29 - 105 standard with average 35 on idle and 60 - 70 on load to 105 after an entire day of rendering multiple 4k videos.

      Here is an image of the actual processor inside my Clevo P150EM:

      _SAM3115 - Intel Core i7-3940MX Inside Clevo P150 SMGJohn.jpg

      Kind regards


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