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    Graceful way to migrate OUT of a RAID 1 Array?


      I have one computer with the DX975XBX2 MB running 2 RAID 1 arrays (4 hard disks), volume 0 contains WIN XP Professional 32bit.

      I have been searching for a graceful, non-brute-force, way to take Volume 0 (system) OUT of the RAID 1 configuration, and leaving Volume 1 as RAID 1 (contains the bulk of my data).  I can not find a reference, e.g. in Intel support for how to do this, and certainly would appreciate help from an experienced person.

      I am also trying to start a practice of using ACRONIS True Image Home (2009) to periodically make IMAGE Copies of the SYSTEM (C) partition, so that when Windows takes a hit, I can simply restore the C Image with Acronis.   My question is if someone knows how Acronis will send commands to the MB Intel Matrix manager if it has no knowledge of the IASTORE.DLL (the F6 module), upon doing a RESTORE using a Acronis Boot CD.

      I also have a DX58SO MB running VISTA 64bit, which I "assume" has the same Intel Matrix rules as the 975?

      Thanks in advance!