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    Intel RST freezes the computer after logon


      Hello all!


      Before posting this question I browsed these forums and almost all of the Internet but with no luck for a similar situation to mine.


      My Win 8.1 Pro x64 (on an Asus Z87 Pro with 1 SSD + 3 HDDs) has been running for more than a year and since 22 of last month simply started to freeze some minutes after logon (yes, if I do not logon the system doesn't freeze).

      I've been stopping scheduled tasks, startup programs and services and I finally narrowed it down to the service 'Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology'. If this service is stopped the system doesn't freeze after logon... Well I've been using IRST since day one with no problems (for some months now with v13.6.0.1002) so I can't understand why it just stopped working...

      I haven't done any hardware changes and around the date the system started to freeze not even any software changes, at least none that I know of. The freeze requires me to power down the computer (reset doesn't work) and since it doesn't happen at startup and only after logon I think it's related to some task triggered by logon. I just don't know which...


      Anyone had a problem like this?



      Thank you very much for your time reading this and for any possible hint that you may provide me.