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    Why is my NUC wifi so slow?


      And much faster with the caseback removed?


      I have a D34010WYK Intel Nuc. Wifi performance is very poor. On my laptop, I take a speedtest of 30M/30M up/down.


      So I figured I'd upgrade from the 6250 chip to a Broadcom BCM94352HMB, and replace the stock antennas (one of them was broken).So now, instead of getting 1M/1M as on my 6250, I get about 3/10.


      But here's the kicker- if I remove the caseback to the Nuc, run the test, I get about 10/25.


      First of all, why on earth would download be far slower than upload, and second, how can I solve this problem? Getting 1/10th of the speed I should get is awful. And I can't leave the caseback off all of the time.


      Should I upgrade my router to a 5GHZ band to help with the case interference perhaps? All devices are being tested in the same room with the router no more than 15 feet away.