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    How can I tile my tables using all screen???


      (I don't know if this is the appropriate section to post this,so feel free to move it if necessary)


      Okay.I just upgraded my graphics driver(I think? Or it was something else I don't know the name).On my previous driver,I was able to tile my tables using my whole screen.Now I'm not able to do  that anymore(after I downloaded the newest version of my driver).As I've experienced it twice,I'm sure that this problem is caused because I upgraded my driver.On the previous version,this wasn't happening.Here you can see a gif of my problem.

      Gyazo - 0e53e78937a2f8798b7cabc992f5f0be.gif


      Note how you can see my shortcuts on my desktop.That shouldn't happening since my top left table should be using that free space.But as you can see in the end of the gif,when I try to resize my table to fit the whole screen,it only comes diagonally.In the end of the gif I show that.I need it to come horizontally(so I can cover the free space on my screen).How can I do that?(It only happens on Pokerstars,I can do it perfectly with my Google chrome browser window,for example)


      Here's a pic from my configurations,if that helps




      Thanks a lot