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    Galileo Gen2 - XDK Serial Terminal Access Denied


      Hello everyone,

      I have a problem connecting to my Galileo Gen2 from Serial Terminal using XDK: when I try (I am sure all the parametrs are correct) I read the message


      Error: Opening \\.\COM4: Access Denied.


      It seems my serial port is closed, even if I can use the Serial Monitor on Arduino IDE.


      My main problem is to run this code (it should read the content of a tag from a RFID antenna, connected to Galileo with a XBee PRO module), and I think both are connected:


      var pn532 = require('pn532');

      var SerialPort = require('serialport').SerialPort;



      var serialPort = new SerialPort('/dev/ttyGS0', { baudrate: 115200 });

      var rfid = new pn532.PN532(serialPort);



      rfid.on('ready', function() {

          console.log('Listening for a tag scan...');

          rfid.on('tag', function(tag) {

              console.log('tag:', tag.uid);




      It seems that it can't enter in the       rfid.on('ready', function() {       section.


      Thank you for everyone wants to help me