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    Custom Flash Image hangs at startup


      I have a custom flash image that won't fully boot. It's hanging at "ACPI Platform start...". The last thing shown on the screen is InstallProtocolInterface: <Guid would be here>. Could this potentially be a problem with iasl? I had to install a newer version of iasl to get things to compile and instead of supporting ACPI revision 4 that is required, it supports revision 6. Do I need an older version or is something else going on here? Thanks!

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          Hi Radiian,


          Are you using the BSP to create your custom image? If this is the case, which Linux distribution are you using to do so? Apparently some distributions have some troubles because the repositories are pointing to a version of IASL that only supports ACPI 4.0, so there are issues at the time of compiling.




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            Yes I'm using the BSP with a few edits here and there of my own, but nothing to that module. I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 on a vm to do all my building. I've done everything by the book so I'm not really sure whats wrong. And as far as IASL goes I thought this build required ACPI 4.0 to work? It seems Ubuntu comes stock with 3.X and the only way to get a higher version is to build it yourself.

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              I traced down the execution flow at the hang up and found where it's hanging in the EDK2 source. The source that's causing it seems to AcpiPlatform.c in <working dir>/Quark_EDKII/QuarkPlatformPkg/Acpi/Dxe/AcpiPlatform. The actual call that's hanging is below:


              PciRootHandle = NULL;

              PciRootHandle = SdtGetRootBridgeHandle(mAcpiSdt, mDsdtHandle);


              If I remove those lines it will execute until it reaches an error because they are missing, but I haven't yet been able to find the definition for that function. However it's looking like this is an issue with PCI, any advice?


              EDIT: I closed in even further and found the source for the above function. The function uses a while(TRUE) loop.So the flow is that AcpiPlatform.c has a loop that then calls sdtGetRootBridgeHandle() which also has an internal loop. I have debug code all throughout to show me what's going on and the weird thing is that I see the debug statements from the outer loop and then I start to see debug statements from the inner loop. The inner loop is showing that it should be continuously returning from that loop, but it seems to be starting over somehow. Is this a software glitch?

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                Another update:

                I managed to bypass ACPI just to test and now it runs all the way through and says "S3 Ready!" But stops there, it doesn't seem to want to boot yocto at all. I know I'm doing something wrong, I just dont' know what.

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                  Hi @Radiian,


                  Could you please provide the image source that you’re using and the place where you get it from? Also, is it possible that you share the changes that you made so we can reproduce your issue?




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                    The image is just a stock image with a few debug inserts at the moment. Currently it runs the same with any changes I make. I downloaded the BSP from Intel so it should be good code. I'm still suspect of ACPI and IASL. Source compression is taking a while, I'll upload it if it finishes with a decent size. Otherwise it was downloaded from the Intel Galileo downloads page. The only real edits I have in my code is now debug info, nothing fancy.

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                      Hi Radiian,


                      If you’re having the same issue regardless of the changes you did, I would suggest you to install IASL from a source. Try with the following commands:

                      user@ubuntu:~/tools$ sudo apt-get remove iasl
                      user@ubuntu:~/tools$ sudo apt-get install libbison-dev flex
                      user@ubuntu:~/tools$ mkdir iasl
                      user@ubuntu:~/tools/$ cd iasl/
                      user@ubuntu:~/tools/iasl$ git clone git://github.com/acpica/acpica.git
                      user@ubuntu:~/tools$ cd acpica
                      user@ubuntu:~/tools/acpica$ make


                      Once this is done, the output files should be in the following folder …/generate/unix/bin

                      user@ubuntu:~/tools/acpica$ cd ./generate/unix/bin
                      user@ubuntu:~/tools/iasl/acpica/generate/unix/bin$ ./iasl

                      Some information about the software will be displayed. Now create a link in /usr/bin/iasl pointing to IASL, with your specific IASL path.


                      If this doesn’t work, maybe you can try upgrading your OS to Ubuntu 14 and see if this helps.




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                        Hi Radiian,


                        Did you try installing IASL from source? Do you have updates in this?





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                          Hi all,


                          Was any progress made here?

                          We are facing a similar issue where it hangs here after following advice to install IASL from source:

                          ACPI Platform start...

                          ACPI Platform locate gEfiPlatformTypeProtocolGuid protocol...

                          InstallProtocolInterface: 074E1E48-8132-47A1-8C2C-3F14AD9A66DC 366EAAF4


                          Any help much appreciated.




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                            Hi joshld,


                            Could you please explain in detail what your situation is? What changes have you made to the stock image?




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                              Hi PabloM_Intel,


                              Actually I believe this problem has been resolved for the time-being. We're currently using the Quark X1011 and were facing some complications related to the TPM module that we have left disabled so as to work around the issue. I'll come back to these forums when I have time to look at this in further depth.