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    Having purchased two of Intel Xeon E5-2407 v2 2.4GHz FCLGA1356 processors, I am entirely confused by the fact that socket LGA1356 seems unrecognised in many cases. Is it the same as LGA1366


      Having had a dual Xeon LGA771 machine fall over terminally, I am working on rebuilding based on the above processors in a TYAN S7045 (S7045AG2NR) server board.

      Having noticed along the way that Socket LGA 1356 is not always recognised, this fact is starting to worry me. Have I made the wrong choice? Even within this support community, searching on FCLGA 1356 produced no results. An enquiry to a PSU manufacturer resulted in the answer that the socket was unknown to them.


      Is LGA1356 kind of a synonym for socket LGA 1366, which comes up all the time? In regard to a cooling solution, would the 1366 solution fit my LGA 1356 layout. Again, by way of example, the BXSTS100C cooling solution I found to only list LGA 1366 but not LGA 1356.

      What is going on?