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    No Proset wireless connection utility


      I just received a new Dell Inspiron 15 5558 laptop with an Intel 3160-AC wireless adaptor.  The laptop came with Intel drivers already installed (v17.16) and I am running Windows 7 Pro x64.  WiFi works reliably and I've not had any connection issues.


      However, all I have for a WiFi Connection Utility is a very generic icon in the task bar that appears to be a basic Win 7 tool with very limited features, unless one is willing to navigate thru numerous MS links to get at more levels of detail.  I checked the Control Panel / Program & Features and do see Intel Proset Wireless listed there, but can not find the Proset Connection Utility anywhere else on my computer - and no way to launch or enable it.


      I downloaded the latest version Intel Driver & Software which said it contains the Proset Connection Utility and installed it.  I was given 2 options for the install since the installed drivers were the same version as I was now loading - either 'Repair' or 'Uninstall'.  I did a repair, which it said was completed successfully.  Unfortunately, I still have a generic connection utility and no Proset Connection Utility.


      How do I get the Proset Connection Utility enabled?

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