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    Real time, multitasking app


      Hello, all, i'm working in a data logger and very accurate real time trigger.


      I'm logging data from serial GPS and need to trigger another device with a timestamp string, each GPS PPS pulse arrive to pin 9.

      I can read data and pulse without problems.


      I have 3 task i need to do:

      Read and log the data,
      while data are arriving i need to extract new timestamp and save in it in a var.

      When pulse arrive to pin 9 , i need to send this timestamp to another device using CAN bus (i have the device and lib here, no prob).


      The app is a VERY TIME SENSITIVITY and if i use only one sketch i could have some delays and remaining process will need to wait one finish to continue..


      Can anybody tell me what are the best practices to do a real time or multitasking app? or some sample?


      i'm using a Galileo GEN 2 and some accesories, RS-232>TTL, CAN adapter, etc.


      Thank in advance