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    NUC5i5RYH - 4k extended desktop flickering line under Win10



      I recently bought a NUC5i5RYH and have installed Windows 10 (currently running build 240). I am using this in conjunction with a Dell P2715Q 4k monitor connected via mDP and a second screen connected via a display link adapter.


      The current chip drivers are 4235 - downloaded from Windows update, the latest 4243 won't install under Win10.


      The Dell monitor is running 4k"60hz, with the MST setting to OFF (the NUC won't recognize it as running at more than 30hz if MST is on).


      I have this strange issue that when there is a maximised window with much "white" area on it there is a bleeding the the lower left hand side with a flickering line. It seems to go away when the window is no longer maximised. I am confident that the screen is not at fault as this issue doesn't happen when my laptop is hooked up to the screen.


      Is this a bug? Any chance the new drivers will fix this?


      Please see linked video illustrating the issue