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    Real Tek HD Audio issues


      hi, i am having problem with RealTek HD Audio in my DG31 PR Motherboard when i install Windows 7 Ultimate where i have connected my Logitec 5.1 Speaker. my problem is when i make test audio from the sound manager, all speakers and subwoofer works, but the moment i start playing any audio files, no sound will come out and the back panel of Analog Audio shows inactive in the realtek sound manager.i have downloaded the Windows 7 driver for chipset and audio from Intel Website. this problem will remain till i switch off the machine. when i turn on the machine after 2-3 hours, the audio will work again.even restart won't help to fix this issue. i was using Windows XP till last week and i never face such issue. i in installed Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit as a fresh copy, not an upgards. some body please help me to find out whether its a hardware/software issue. or else i am afraid to go back to XP where i have to reformat and install all my softwares back