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    NUC drivers


      - The intel NUC support site specifies drivers and applications for  all Winows OSs .Is  there any such for Ubunut or any other Linux  ?

      - The driver bundle package holds all the drivers for the NUC ( that also show up separately on the site )

         like : Intle Graphics 6000, USB3 , Giga Ethernet , wireless etc ?


      - What is the Chipset device  SW. is it to be installed and when , or there is some basic chipset SW   already installed on the NUC5i5RHY HW

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          I am not from Intel but yes the bundle package is typically just a convenience of many separately available drivers from the site.  I think that Chipset software from Intel for Windows is often something like information files which describe some details to help the OS including descriptions to display - the drivers for such devices might already be part of modern OS but just tweak a little bit with the software - it is usually installed first before any other drivers.

          I don't know much about Ubuntu/Linux but sometimes you have to pay close attention to a few devices such as network, display, wireless - they may work if you use the latest distributions.  I think searches using the NUC model name and the distribution name should show up user comments good or bad.  I think the Linux community is typically what gets them working (rather than Intel).