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    100+ runtime hours using high capacity batteries and the Edison


      A photo of the current setup with 13.4mAh of juice:


      I have two  3.7V 6600mAh batteries:



      That I charge with a pair of dedicated per battery Lipo Chargers (via a single usb micro breakout):



      Then I combine the load/output of both Lipo Charges to a single Powerboost 1000 Basic:


      Then I connect the 5v 1Amp output to the Edison on J21.

      (Anyone else driving at 5V? I looks like the minimum was supposed to be 7V)


      I then use a USB OTG cable to connect to the keyboard via a shortened USB cable (that use to run out the back of the keyboard).


      Given this setup, the edison in my keyboard will operate for over 100+ straight still operating with ssh running a 'sleep 30; echo `date`' in a loop and functioning as a bluetooth keyboard.


      Thinking about using two Lipo Fuel Gages:


      Wondering if I can use multiple i2c addresses since there will be two on the bus (I also have an LCD on i2c)?

      Hopefully the Lipo Fuel Gages will give me more data to display the time remaining on each battery.