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    Linux on NUC5i5RYH


      I have just got  a new NUC5i5RYH

      - Are there any instructions on how to install Linux on NUC ?

      - Specifically:  Using a Linux distro ( Ubuntu or Red Hat 7)  instead of windows.   Do i also have to patch the distro ISO with USB3 driver

        or the USB3 driver is already there i.e I need only gen a USB storage device with the Linux ISO installled ?

      -  Any other known issues with Linux . what is the mosy NUC proved  Linux distro to put on NUC5i5RYH?

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          the NUC5i5RYH will work with Unbuntu 15.04, but not I could not get it to work with 14.04 LTS, as the graphics menu and choices on install white out,  I also installed Kodi 14.2 " Helix" and it too installs , but lacks keyboard support under the standard skin, I got keyboard working when I downloaded and changed to AEON NOX, but I am still preferring the Confluence skin default for Kodi. I am currently tweaking with android remote control using KORE to control Kodi ( when inside the Kodi environment ), and it works well, except if I launch a chrome browser short cut for Netflix. I then lose all control and have to go to mouse control to navigate. The other issue is I have control of Unbuntu via the Unified Remote App, once past the logon, it work great, simulating mouse and keyboard. But I need the keyboard and mouse attached as the Unified Remote Server does not run until logon. It might be a setting or something else I have not found yet to get Unified Remote working at the logon and without keyboard or mouse attached. Otherwise Unbuntu zips around, as does Kodi. Streaming over my wired network works ( From Youtube, Netflix either from Chrome inside of Unbuntu, or boxed chrome launched from Kodi , and 1080 mkvs from my NAS ). I am still tempted to install Windows 7 and ditch Unbuntu if I cannot get the headless / mouse keyboard / launch thing working proper.

          As for installing, download Unbuntu ISO to you computer ( not the NUC ), download Rufus 2.2, and run it, have a USB thumb drive handy ( 4 Gb is big enough ), Rufus will ask for an image file, point it to the Unbuntu ISO image, it will make a bootable USB drive, change the boot order in the NUC BIOS to boot from USB ( If I recall UEFI boot mode ). Reboot and follow the prompts.  I have a 120 Gb M2 SSD drive and 8 Gb memory on my NUC.

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            thanks ,


            Can the RUFUS 2.2 run from a windows machine and copy   the Ubuntu 15.04 iso file to thr USB key with appropriate  format ( to install a Linux NUC)

            or the USB Linux  key gen should be done from an existing Linux computer ? If so what file system should be chosen on Rufus ( NTFS - is default)  ?


            Also I hope the Ubuntu ISO (15.04) includes USB3 drivers  standrad (unlike win 7...)  so it needs no OS mage patches to install Linux on the NUC from the USB

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              Rufus 2.2 is a windows executable, and it will make a fat32 ( you want fat32  not ntfs ) formatted unbuntu / linux bootable usb key drive, from inside of windows environment,  as that's how
              I did my install.

              As for the usb3, I had no issues with any usb port, it booted right up, the only thing i recall was to make sure it boots to UEFI mode.