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    Motherboard DQ45CB problem

      hii.i buy the motherboard DQ45CB.After assemble, i found the AMT LED blinking(red colour) and no hardware running.Try discoonect DVD ROM, Hard Disk and another hardware, the problem same.Try remove CMOS battery and put back, still same.please help me.

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          The red led it is the onboard status amt led which stays on as well, it is for the Active Management Technology. I dont remember if it can be turned off or not.


          If you dont need AMT, disable it by going into the MEBx - Management Engine Bios Extension Ctrl + P.


          Go to Intel Me Configuration
          Go to Intel Me Features COntrol
          Manageability Features Selection: None
          Quiet System Tech. : Enabled
          Save & Exit


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            same thing happen to me the mb has a short in it and intel refuses to do a recall and sends you another one with same problem

            nothing you will do will fix this board is a piece of s.......I am a intel dealer and will not buy another intel board again.

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              Hi, we have the same problem! We has three motherboard of model DQ45CB that had this problem.

              The defect is an component, it heats and burn! The Intel claims the motherboard has physical defect and than warranty does not cover!

              But we'll throw judicially because it is a not assemble problem or use problem, it is an factory defect.


              Olá nós temos o mesmo problema! Nós já tivemos três placa-mãe do modelo DQ45CB que tiveram este problema.

              O defeito é um componente que esquenta e queima! A Intel alega que a placa mãe apresenta defeito físico e por isso a garantia não cobre.

              Mas nós vamos acionar judicialmente, pois isso não é um problema de montagem ou um problema de uso, isso é um defeito de fábrica.

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                I did find using channal A memory slot the mother board works... and avoid using channal A. but the mother board has a big problem with PCI slot two( for aftermarket video boards) that slot stops working... so do not use this board...

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                  The Red LED you are referring to is the AMT Management Engine (ME) status indicator. Possible states:


                  If the LED is OFF then the ME state is OFF.

                  If the LED is ON then the ME state is ON and the system state is S0.  It is fully functional.

                  If the LED is Blinking then the ME state is M1 and the System state is Sx.  It is fully functional.


                  The LED is not indicating anything is wrong.  Just indicating state of the ME.