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    ubilinux mraa i2c journalctl and linux tears


      Hi all


      I'm having another I hate linux moment on account of having been sent down several unproductive rabbit holes in order to solve one issue. I think we have all been there.


      So the base issue is that I am using ubilinux with sparkfun PWM block and am trying to get a DC motor ESC to work.


      The code at the moment  returns MRAA_ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE when using the I2C class in mraa library


      so while investigating I learnt about people looking at the output of # journtctl -f

      of course my system doesn't have that so I then learnt about installing systemd which doesn't seem to have installed journalctl and then there was mention of systemd not working natively with wheezy and some other webpage talked about updating grub and I now I'm a very far away from the original problem had have no indication whether the solution is just around the corner or down some completely different rabbit hole.


      Any advice would be welcome


      I'm using this code BTW


      PWM to ESC